Richard Frey


Richard Frey is a musician/songwriter/composer. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, his journey into music began at a young age learning to play the guitar and piano. Forming various rock bands with friends, Richard wrote and composed music. After moving to Orange County, California in 1994, Frey joined the band, Soul Kiss. The band played the showcase circuit in L.A. for two years, culminating in a blow-out performance at The Whiskey in Hollywood. The band broke up and reformed as Room 105. It was with this band that Frey really experimented with new styles. Collaborating with band members Robin Nivans and Paul Keigwin he co-wrote many songs that had a more soulful influence now featured on the Room 105 album "Landmark".

​After a life-altering experience adopting a child, Frey decided to settle down and focus on writing. His vision was to venture into music for film and television, with the ultimate goal to have a piece placed in a major motion picture. Richard is drawn to music that moves listeners and evokes sincere emotion. With that objective in mind, he wrote and produced his debut solo album "Sunday Morning Solitude" in December of 2008. The album is a collection of mellow, emotional original New Age piano melodies.